Trial of 3 officers beginning to wrap up


The trial of 3 Medicine hat police officers continues at the Medicine Hat Courthouse. Constables Robert Angstadt, David Hrycyk and Marc Seiller have all been charged with aggravated assault in connection with an altercation at the Cecil Hotel back in August of 2012. Testimony has wrapped up and the defense is now presenting closing arguments. Constable Seiller was the last officer to testify and told the court he responded to the incident at the Cecil Hotel after the officers radioed for back up. Sieller also testified that he never kicked or administered any leg or knees strikes to James Halcro. Seiller’s testimony contradicts that of 3 witnesses who told the court they saw Seiller kick Halcro. One of those witnesses testified that she saw Seiller kick Halcro in the face. The defense will wrap up its closing arguments today.