Assault trial continues for 3 cops


The trial of 3 Medicine hat City Police officers continues this week. Constables David Hrycyk, Robert Angstadt and Marc Sieller were charged with aggravated assault following an incident at the Cecil Hotel on Aug 25th, 2012. Constables Angstad and Hrycyk took the stand yesterday. Angstad testified that he was surprised at the strength of James Halcro as he and Hrycyk attempted to arrest him. Angstad said he attempted to stun Halcro with knee strikes and a punch. Hrycyk testified that the arrest was not going well, and says he grabbed Halcro in a front neck hold and took him on the ground, and also used a “knee bump” and a punch. When asked by the defense, Hrycyk said he didn’t think there was too much force being used, because Halcro was still able to resist arrest. Constable Marc Seiller is expected to testify in court today