Petition to change Hat High's logo and sports teams names


Two petitions are being circulated around Medicine Hat High School have been getting international attention. Grade 12 student Suzanne Tripp wants to see the school’s nickname and Mohawk logo be changed. Tripp feels the name Mohawk is discriminatory. The Mohawk Council of upstate New York seems to agree. In a statement, the council says the Mohawk name and logo at Hat High is racist, and should be changed. Meanwhile, another petition is being circulated by a former Hat High student and member of the Mohawk nation. Rick Preikschas says that he never felt that the Mohawk nickname was used disrespectfully, and is urging the school board to keep the name. Joe Delaronde,a spokesperson for the Mohawk council in Kahnawake, Quebec, also agrees with Preikschas. Both petitions will be presented to the school board in the next few months.