Northern Leopard Frogs need residents help

Photo courtesy City of Medicine Hat

The city of Medicine Hat is asking everyone to help out the Northern Leopard Frogs. The ponds, creeks and rivers in and around Medicine Hat are home to healthy populations of Northern Leopard Frogs. These populations are vulnerable to human disturbance and since the 1970’s have declined throughout many parts of the province. The Northern Leopard Frog is currently protected as a threatened species under the Alberta Wildlife Act. The Northern Leopard Frog is a large green to brown frog. It is easily identified by its large dark spots bordered by pale rings and light colored ridges extending from the eyes to lower back. Officials are asking everyone in the community not to handle or collect the frogs, their eggs or tadpoles. Interpretive signs are being installed around Strathcona Island Park pond to help people recognize the frog and understand the importance of preserving the habitat and this species.