New Wild Horse border crossing study


Extending the hours of the Wild Horse Border Crossing has become a bigger possibility. Councillor Celina Symmonds, co-chair of the Wild Horse Border Committee, says they have received $60,000 from both the Canadian and US governments for a feasibility study. The Wild Horse crossing is open for 13 hours a day during the summer, and 9 hours during the winter. Presently commercial drivers must apply for a permit to haul freight across the border, which slows down the process and the amount of traffic. Tim Solomon, The Mayor of Havre, Montana, says by extending the hours and turning the crossing in a commercial port, economic activity on both sides of the border will increase. A 2008 University of Montana study concluded that extending the hours would more than quadruple the amount of commercial traffic through the crossing. The new feasibility study is expected to be completed and presented by June of next year.