Final submissions in trial of 3 officers


Closing arguments from the 3 defense lawyers have wrapped up in the trial of 3 Medicine Hat Police officers. Constables Robert Angstadt, David Hyrcyk and Marc Seiller were charged in connection with an altercation at the Cecil Hotel in August of 2012. The lawyers representing the police officers argued that the 3 constables acted within the confines of the law during the incident. The lawyers also allege 3 of the witnesses who claimed that they saw Constable Sieler kick James Halcro were either biased, mistook who had delivered the punches and kicks, or were just outright wrong with their testimony. The lawyers also argued that the ruptured bladder that Halcro suffered may not have been from the police officers,but could have been a result of Halcro resisting arrest and dragging the officers into a table during the arrest. The Crown will have their final arguments today, and the presiding judge is expected to deliver his verdict sometime in July.